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There’s something for every Pet at Pet Essentials

Pet Essentials Pet Shop in Carrigaline combines local pet shop friendliness and customer service with the range, offers and value prices of a pet super store. Our friendly and highly trained staff encourage your questions to ensure that any decisions you make in relation to your forever friend will ensure a happy and healthy life for your pet in an environment that suits both pet and owner.

We love meeting our customers and their owners so we welcome visits for free weight checks, coat fittings, harness fittings, seat belt harness fittings, muzzle fittings and cuddles! With thousands of products in our 2,000 square foot shop in Carrigaline, we know you will enjoy your shopping experience with us.

We are Cork owned so every Euro spent with us is recycled in the local economy supporting local jobs, something we are very proud of.

Call in today for a chat, no question too silly (we’ve heard them all) and ask about our Customer Loyalty Card and remember, your pet is always welcome!

Pet Essentials supports numerous local animal welfare charities and has established a close working relationship with the Munster Lost & Found Pet Helpline.

We have plenty of Free Parking and we also offer Free Delivery in the local area (conditions apply).

Star Brands available at Pet Essentials

How to find us!

You will find us at

Kilnagleary Business Park,
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Co. Cork, Ireland

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