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Pet Essentials Pet Shop in Carrigaline combines local pet shop friendliness and customer service with the range, offers and value prices of a pet super store.

Mars Petcare Study Finds Pets Are Good For You

A new study by Mars Petcare confirms the health benefits of pet ownership. This is particularly true when discussing the reduction of stress levels in children.

The results were presented by academics at the 12th International Conference on Human-Animal Interactions in Stockholm. Delegates heard that the same hormone that enables babies to bond with their mothers […]




Confused about tank maintenance?
Unsure about how often you should clean your tank or change your tank water?
Need advice about filters?
Not happy with the decoration of the tank?



Advice on setting up a new aquarium.

Gillian Sheehan, formely of Fins N Things, Midleton offers advice on setting up a new aquarium.

Always use a water conditioner when starting off and when adding fresh water into your aquarium.
You should also add a biological filtration booster when setting up your aquarium. Regular addition of this booster is also very important to maintain a […]

Canary & Budgie

Canaries range in size from 10-17cm and belong to the finch family. They are the most commonly kept birds in captivity and are relatively hardy. The average lifespan of a canary is 10 years.

Canaries only require a simple canary seed mixture with grit for digestion. Honey bar treats can be given with supplementary greens. Canaries […]

Hamster Care

Here we present some handy advice and tips on taking care of hamsters. These furry little fellows have become very popular and with the aid of some simple know-how you can really enjoy these pets fully.

Hamsters are nocturnal,they generally sleep all day and are awake all night.If you want to handle them during the day,you […]

Kitten – Fleas and Worming

Your kitten may arrive with some little ‘passengers’ which aren’t good for your health, so regular worming and flea control are essential.
She could have dog or cat fleas – fleas aren’t picky, they’ll feast off either species quite happily, and as well as causing itching, they also transmit worms, and will bite humans too. Your […]

Kitten Nutrition

Some useful tips on helping your new Kitten get the best start in life.
Find out what your kitten is eating before she comes home, and keep her on that for a week or so before you change it. The most important thing to remember in feeding kittens is that their digestive systems are still immature […]

Kitten Behaviour and Training

Learning and training

How kittens learn

Kittens learn first through imitation of the mother cat and then through trial and error. If the outcome is positive, then this is likely to influence their future behaviour.

The ideal environment for your kitten is one where she can socialise easily and familiarise herself with people. In order to socialise your kitten […]

Your New Kitten, What You Need.

When you get your kitten home, show them where things are kept, starting with the litter tray, then the basket which will become a place of refuge for peace and safety, and finally her toys and accessories.
Choose one with comfortable bedding where the kitten will feel safe (although don’t be surprised if your kitten chooses to sleep elsewhere).
Litter […]

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Bringing your new kitten home is a wonderful day – full of fun, laughter, purrs and cuddles!
For your kitten, it’s also a big upheaval – she will be missing Mum and brothers and sisters, and will have to get used to a whole new house, lifestyle, pets and people. So if she’s quiet and shy […]