Kitten – Fleas and Worming

Your kitten may arrive with some little ‘passengers’ which aren’t good for your health, so regular worming and flea control are essential.
She could have dog or cat fleas – fleas aren’t picky, they’ll feast off either species quite happily, and as well as causing itching, they also transmit worms, and will bite humans too. Your […]

Kitten Nutrition

Some useful tips on helping your new Kitten get the best start in life.
Find out what your kitten is eating before she comes home, and keep her on that for a week or so before you change it. The most important thing to remember in feeding kittens is that their digestive systems are still immature […]

Kitten Behaviour and Training

Learning and training

How kittens learn

Kittens learn first through imitation of the mother cat and then through trial and error. If the outcome is positive, then this is likely to influence their future behaviour.

The ideal environment for your kitten is one where she can socialise easily and familiarise herself with people. In order to socialise your kitten […]

Your New Kitten, What You Need.

When you get your kitten home, show them where things are kept, starting with the litter tray, then the basket which will become a place of refuge for peace and safety, and finally her toys and accessories.
Choose one with comfortable bedding where the kitten will feel safe (although don’t be surprised if your kitten chooses to sleep elsewhere).
Litter […]

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Bringing your new kitten home is a wonderful day – full of fun, laughter, purrs and cuddles!
For your kitten, it’s also a big upheaval – she will be missing Mum and brothers and sisters, and will have to get used to a whole new house, lifestyle, pets and people. So if she’s quiet and shy […]

Neuteuring, Worming, Flea Control and Microchipping


Neutering is one of the most responsible decisions any pet owner can make. Neutering not only protects against unwanted pregnancies, helping to keep down the number of dogs in rescue, it also offers protection against various diseases including cancers. It can also help with some behavioural problems, although this is not the main reason for […]

What To Feed Your Puppy?

Your puppy’s first meals
Ask what your puppy is eating before he comes home, and keep him on that for a week or so before you change it. The most important thing to remember with feeding puppies is that their digestive systems are still developing – so they are prone to upset tummies. Try an ultra-digestible food […]

New Puppy! What next… ?

The day your new puppy comes home is the start of a new life, and a great adventure for all of you, one which we hope you will enjoy for many years to come, as your puppy becomes a real part of the family. For your puppy, it’s also a big upheaval – he or […]