Canaries range in size from 10-17cm and belong to the finch family. They are the most commonly kept birds in captivity and are relatively hardy. The average lifespan of a canary is 10 years.

Canaries only require a simple canary seed mixture with grit for digestion. Honey bar treats can be given with supplementary greens. Canaries are sensitive to changes in their diet therefore a good routine should be maintained with good quality seed fed. We recommend Versele-Laga Canary Prestige. Water should be available at all times. An increased amount of food should be provided throughout the breeding season.

Budgies are members of the parrot family and are native to Australia.Budgies enjoy the stimulation of toys and really enjoy human interaction so ensure your budgie gets plenty of attention! You should ensure that they have access to plenty of wooden perches for gnawing.

Budgies need to be fed a ready mixed diet. We recommend Versele-Laga Budgie Prestige.