Coprophagia prevention – how to stop your dog eating its own faeces.

Coprophagia is a very common problem amongst dogs but one which causes considerable stress for owners. Historically coprophagia was blamed on dietary insufficiencies but this has been discounted in more recent times. The general consensus now among pet nutrition and pet behaviour specialists is that coprophagia is a behavioural issue. Coprophagia is most often observed in dogs who are under stimulated and craving attention from their owners.

Top tips for Coprophagia prevention:

  • Stimulate your dog – set time aside to play with your pet and give him/her the attention they deserve.
  • Provide stimulating and interactive toys for them to play with while you are not there.
  • Adminster “Potty Mouth”, a safe and effective chewable tablet proven to help reduce the problem of faecal consumption.
  • Remove the faeces immediately or as soon as possible.

Potty Mouth is a safe and effective remedy containing Brewers Yeast, Casyenne, Vitamins and Minerals available at Pet Essentials, Carrigaline and is proven to be effective in solving this unsavoury problem.