Neon TetraQ. How can I Control Algae?

A. Algae are microscopic plants that sometimes form unsightly growths on the aquarium glass and rocks, and occasionally on live plants also. Some algae are brown in colour, others green and red. To control algae, ensure the aquarium is properly maintained otherwise an accumulation of fish wastes and other decaying matter will generate nitrates and phosphates in the water upon which the algae thrive. An abundance of green algae may also be due to excessive light. Reduce the aquarium lighting to 8 hours per day and shield the tank from direct sunlight ( keep tanks away from windows).

Q. How Many Fish Can I Keep?

A. This depends largely on the size of your aquarium, specifically the water surface area. As a general guide, you can keep up to 10cm of fish (body length) per 250 sq cm of surface area. For example an aquarium that is 90cm long and 30cm wide could hold 20x5cm fish or 10x10cm fish. You should base your calculations on the adult size of the fish thereby allowing for room to grow. Our staff here at Pet Essentials will be able to advise you in relation to adult sizes of fish.

Q. Should I Leave My Filter Running All Of The Time?

A. Yes. Only switch it off to clean or service it. If it is switched off for more than an hour or two the friendly filter bacteria may die, compromising your system.

Q. Why Is My Aquarium Water Cloudy?

A. The water in a newly set up aquarium may be cloudy for the first couple of days (new tank syndrome), but should clear. If an established aquarium becomes cloudy then it may be a sign that the system needs a clean. Perform a 30% partial water change and siphon off excess dirt from the gravel using a gravel cleaner. An aquarium water clarifier may also be used.

Q. Which Types Of Tropical Fish Are The Easiest To Breed?

A. Guppies, Platies and Swordtails are recommended for beginners as they give birth to live young. You can tell the sex of a livebearer by looking at its anal fin (unpaired fin situated between the fishs belly and tail); the males anal fin is pointed into a tube shaped organ, whereas the females is normal fan-shaped. Livebearers will breed naturally in the community aquarium. You may need a breeding net to protect the young from predators. Most other species of tropical fish are egg-layers and these are more difficult to breed in the community aquarium.