It’s that time of year again when flower beds are being rejuvenated and flower pots resurrected from garden sheds. How frustrating is it then, after all your hard work, to see your cat (or your neighbours cat) digging or fouling in your newly planted beds or pots. Of course this is not intentional sabotage and we cannot be too angry with the animal, it is only doing what is natural to it, but at the same time we would rather they not do it there. There is a simple and effective solution.

Get Off Cat & Dog Repellent

Get Off crystals are a safe and effective product for deterring cats and dogs from fouling or digging in a particular area.
These jelly like crystals slowly release a strong highly scented odour which confuses cats and dogs sense of smell. Over a period of a few weeks they will be trained to move away from the treated areas to those where they can detect evidence of previous fouling odours.
  • Crystals are approved for use on concrete, paving and around lawns and plant beds.
  • Remains of previous fouling must be removed before application.
  • The crystals should not directly contact soft stemmed plants, grasses and leaves as some discolouration may occur.