The day your new puppy comes home is the start of a new life, and a great adventure for all of you, one which we hope you will enjoy for many years to come, as your puppy becomes a real part of the family. For your puppy, it’s also a big upheaval – he or she will be missing Mum and brothers and sisters, and will have to get used to a whole new house, lifestyle and people.

What to buy

It’s much easier to get what you need for your new puppy in advance, rather than dashing out when he’s come home because you’ve forgotten something. Here’s a reminder of some useful items:

Puppy crate (if using)

Dog bed and bedding

Food and water bowls – one for each

Food – it’s best to stick with the one he’s used to, at least at the start, we will be very happy to advise if you are not sure.

Collar and lead, plus dog tag

Brush and comb


Wee wee pads

Training treats

Puppy Shampoo

Setting up home

Decide in advance where he’ll eat and sleep – he needs peace and quiet for both. A puppy crate is ideal, or somewhere like the utility room or a room that is not used too often – just make sure anything your pup might be tempted to chew is out of the way!

Just like human babies, puppies need their sleep – so don’t disturb him when he’s napping, and make sure he has somewhere quiet and comfortable to snooze out of the way of a busy household. He’ll also need to learn where to go to the toilet, what meal times are all about, how to play nicely with children or other pets in the house, which toys are his, what he’s allowed to do and what’s out of bounds. And of course, he’ll have to visit the vets for a check-up and his vaccinations, as well as learn to wear a collar, walk on a lead, come when he’s called, and other basic commands, all of which are going to keep him (and you!) pretty busy for the next few months.